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Welcome to the Madison-Grant United School Corporation’s Transportation Department’s page!

Our Transportation Department is committed to providing the best possible services to the students and families of our community. The Madison-Grant United School Corporation’s district is approximately 175 square miles of predominately rural farm land. We currently have 15 regular routes and two special education routes providing transportation across the district. We also offer transportation to students that qualify to participate in the Hind’s Vocational Program as well as classes at Indiana Wesleyan University and the Ivy Tech Marion Campus. Elementary students participating in certain athletics and extra-curricular activities have the opportunity to ride the bus from Park Elementary to the junior/senior high to attend practices. 

Due to the size of our district, the Transportation Department has been utilizing a shuttle process for several years. Our current shuttle process is summarized below:

K–2nd grade students will be shuttled to/from Summitville Elementary while our 3rd–6th grade students will be shuttled to/from Park Elementary. This may require your student(s) to transfer buses. Student transfers will take place in the bus only parking lot at the junior/senior high school under the supervision of staff members.

Parents who would like to drop off/pick up students at the junior/senior high may do so at the k–6 transfer station. Families utilizing the transfer station will be assigned a bus to ride to/from their designated school. Students will be escorted from the parent drop off/pick up line and then to their assigned bus by school staff members. It is important that your student(s) stay in your vehicle until directed to exit. Students should exit the vehicle so that they are stepping onto the sidewalk and not into the lane of traffic.

If you do not receive a call from your bus driver, that means your student(s) bus number, stop location, and pick-up time has not changed from last year. If you are new to the district or have a kindergartner or preschooler, the bus driver will contact you a few days prior to school with your bus number, stop location, and approximate pick-up time. Please email the Transportation Department if you need to make updates to your children(s) transportation or to get information regarding their bus schedule.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns regarding your student(s) transportation! 

We wish your student(s) a very successful school year,

Kristy Drewitz

Meet Our Drivers

Kelly Caldwell
Bus #32

Sebrina Capen
Bus #12

Dave Chapman
Fleet Mechanic

Gemia Davis
Bus #17 (formerly bus #10)

Amber Dillon
Bus #10 (formerly bus #17)

Kristy Drewitz
Transportation Coordinator

Kathy Ellis
Bus #9

Wayne Ferguson
Bus #16

Gene Heiny
Bus #3

Jamie Hodupp
Bus #14

Jason Lindahl
Substitute Bus Driver

Gene McMahan
Bus #13

Darrell Monroe
Bus #21

Robin Musick
Substitute Bus Driver

Donna Shinnock
Bus #26

Becky Thompson
Bus #22

Britnee VanMatre
Bus #29

Kim Walker
Bus #5

Nancy Wilson
Bus #23

Ron Wilson
Bus #19

Roni Hendrick
Substitute Bus Driver

Rachel Stevens
Bus Aide

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