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Our District

At Madison-Grant, we are committed to creating a safe atmosphere and productive learning environment in each of our schools. We continually raise the bar of expectation for ourselves and for our students, because we believe—in the words attributed to American inventor Charles Kettering—that “high achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.” We find deep satisfaction in providing an educational support system that emphasizes self-discipline and accountability and that inspires our students to stretch and grow.

Our schools offer a variety of programs that cater to our students’ unique needs and various learning styles. We have excellent special education and high ability programs, and our all-day kindergarten and preschool programs are topnotch. We provide a well-rounded list of options for both in-school and extracurricular opportunities, including athletics, fine arts, technology, AP classes, New Teacher Academy, and much more.

Mission Statement

Inspire, cultivate, and promote excellence in every Argyll.

Vision Statement

Madison-Grant is an innovative education community empowering students to be future ready.

Core Values

Here at Madison-Grant, we have established a set of core values that guide our decisions and keep us focused on what’s important. These values are:

  • Integrity: Doing what we say we are going to do
  • Continuous Improvement: Being innovative and adopting the belief that as good as we might be, there is always a better way
  • High Expectations: Setting stretch goals that are challenging; striving for better and better results
  • Accountability: Accepting responsibility for results and behaviors (students and adults)
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Using performance data and research to help guide our decisions
  • Teamwork: Working collaboratively, because all of us are smarter than any one of us
  • Safety: Ensuring work and learning environments that are safe (physically and emotionally, where it’s okay to try and fail)
  • Alignment: Developing systems that work well together; articulating our activities K–12, home to school, and across functions