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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our district’s policies and procedures, chances are you’re not the only one. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below, and we’ve also included a copy of our current student handbook in the Quick Links area on the Home page so you can read up on anything we haven’t covered here. Of course, you are always welcome to give us a call with additional questions or concerns.

What is the dress code at Madison-Grant?

We expect our students to be well-groomed and to dress in a manner that reflects positively on our schools. We do not permit any item of clothing, accessory, or hairstyle that disrupts the educational process or that poses a safety risk to anyone. When dressing for school, students should consider whether their clothing is modest and conducive to appropriate and orderly school behavior.

Students should wear shoes or sandals and keep their torso and undergarments covered at all times. They must also wear jeans, pants, shorts, and skirts at the waistline and avoid wearing shorts or skirts that do not meet the “fingertip length” requirement. During school hours, we do not permit students to wear coats, caps, hats, bandanas, headbands, visors, other head coverings, sunglasses, or athletic uniforms not conforming to the dress code standard.

In addition, please note that we do not allow the following:

  • Spiked necklaces and/or bracelets of any kind
  • Midriffs, short shorts, or pajama pants
  • Clothing with holes or that is torn above the knee
  • Clothing advertising alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
  • Clothing with vulgar or suggestive language or symbols
  • Sleeveless shirts (all shirts/blouses must have sleeves)
  • Blouses and/or tops that expose too much of the chest

If a student comes to school in inappropriate clothing, we will ask him/her to change. In the event that the student is unable to do so, we will not allow him/her to attend class, and he/she will wait in I.S.S. We will have to assign detention to or suspend a student who habitually violates the dress code.

We reserve the right to determine whether a student’s clothing is appropriate for school.

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What if my child becomes ill during the school day?

If a student becomes ill during the school day, he or she should request permission from the teacher to go to the office. The school’s office staff will determine whether the student should remain in school or go home; however, we will not release any student from school without proper parental permission. If a student needs urgent medical attention, the office staff will follow the school’s emergency procedures and attempt to contact the student’s parents.

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Can I visit my child’s school during school hours?

We welcome parents to visit our schools at any time. When coming in for a visit, please report to the school’s office to sign in and obtain a pass. If you would like to meet with a staff member, please call to arrange a meeting time before coming to the school.

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Is my child allowed to carry a cell phone at school?

Students can carry cell phones or other wireless communication devices (WCDs) as long as the phones are powered OFF (not just set to vibrate or silent mode) and stored out of sight during school hours and on school vehicles. We make special exceptions for students who have obtained prior approval from the building principal for either of these circumstances: 1) the student is a member of a volunteer fire company/department, ambulance, or rescue squad; or 2) the student has a special health circumstance (for example, a family member is ill or the student has a specific health condition).

We do not allow students to use WCDs with built-in cameras at school, on school property, during after-school activities, or at school-related functions (including transportation to and from school). For more details about our policies and procedures regarding the use and possession of WCDs, please review our school handbook.

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When can I expect to see my child’s report card?

Your student will receive a report card at the end of each nine-week period. Please contact your child’s school for specific details regarding the distribution of report cards.

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Do you offer accident insurance for students?

Parents have the option of enrolling their children in the Student Accident Program which is endorsed by our school district. Please take a moment to review the coverage information (Español). You can enroll online, or call (877) 444.5014 to enroll by phone. 

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