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Strategic Plan Updates

We are committed to communicating our goals and information about the education of your children with you. We want to share with you a proposal that is currently before the school board - the reconfiguration of Park and Summitville Elementary. You may have heard about this already, so we wanted to share facts about this process and the reasons why we believe this is important. We are committed to providing the best education for your child, and we know you are putting your future in our hands. We honor this commitment by working every day to make great choices for your student’s safety and education during their time with us.

What does "Reconfiguration" mean in this proposal?

Both elementary schools will remain open! We propose one building focus as our early childhood education center for grades pre-k through 2nd grade or 3rd grade. The other elementary school will house grades 3rd or 4th through 6th grade.

Will one elementary school have fewer students?

We are not reconfiguring either building to have fewer students. Instead, we want to house all 70 to 85 students in each grade level together, under one roof, to create a vibrant educational environment for each level. This will allow us to grow our programming, especially the pre-k, to meet the needs and interests of our early childhood and elementary friends.

Why is it important to make these changes?

Our teachers can be more effective. Your students will have access to the collective expertise of multiple teachers specialized in meeting the developmental needs of students at their grade level. Putting each grade level together under one roof means our teachers can partner with ALL the teachers in their grade level, providing the best possible experience for your student. We can then begin partnering in classrooms in interesting ways to bring students together and create a cohort or learning community as they move through grades. Inside every Goblin and Eagle is an Argyll!

How will this affect special education?

With this reconfiguration, our Special Education programming will be able to focus on the needs of three or four grade levels instead of all seven grade levels. This will encourage even more specialized services for more targeted and impactful instruction.

What does this mean for activities?

We heard your feedback. The joining of grade levels at each building provides greater access to athletics and fine arts activities at the jr./sr. high. Many of these activities are accessible to 6th graders, with some accessible to 5th graders. By having all of our 5th and 6th grade students in one building, we will be able to provide consistent transportation to all of the athletics and fine arts activities at the jr./sr. high school.

What are the next steps? Is this happening now?

The board met on August 26, 2019, to hear public comment. They have not scheduled a vote, and it cannot be voted upon unless it is a public meeting. We will make sure to reach out with information on next steps so you can stay informed.