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Local Attractions

Located approximately 65 miles from the “Crossroads of America” (also known as Indianapolis), we’re fortunate to have the best of both worlds—a peaceful rural community within an hour’s drive of a major metropolitan area. The small towns that dot our district are set in a beautiful backdrop of rich, fertile farmlands and a refreshingly open landscape. From Fairmount, we have easy access to Interstate Highway 69, which feeds into I-465 of Indianapolis. But if you’re looking for fun and interesting things to do, there’s no need to drive to the big city! There are plenty of attractions in our area for visitors and residents alike.

If you’re a James Dean fan, you won’t want to miss taking a tour through the Fairmount Historical Museum, located in downtown Fairmount. Dean grew up in Fairmount, and the museum proudly displays many artifacts relating to or owned by the legendary actor and his family.

When you visit the museum, you’ll also see a tribute to Jim Davis, Fairmount native and creator of the “Garfield” comic strip. The tribute, a statue called “The Cool Cat,” marks the beginning of The Garfield Trail. For a fun family activity, you can follow the trail to visit eleven unique Garfield statues in locations throughout Grant County.

We love our little corner of the world, and we think you will too! Below are some fantastic resources to help you discover more great places to go and things to see in Madison and Grant counties:

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