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Service Learning Day 2019 A Smashing Success

By Gwen Hodson

Students pose together in front of a buildingAt Madison-Grant Jr./Sr. High School, we believe that it is imperative to prepare our students for life after high school. This includes academic preparation as well as social, emotional, and civic preparation. So much of the knowledge that our children need for the future is rooted in the skills that come from social interactions, soft skill building, and the value of community. Community Service Day supports the building of all of these skills. Service learning is a way that we can help to foster the development of civic engagement skills by offering our students the opportunity to give back to our community. On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Madison-Grant Jr./Sr. High School staff and students participated in a school-wide service learning day. Our plan included 452 students in grades seven through eleven going out into the towns of Fairmount and Summitville to participate in prearranged activities to beautify and serve citizens of these towns. We also had groups traveling into Grant County to serve some of our community partners such as Project Leadership, Gas City Park, Matter Park, and Splash House. Dee Amos of Summitville’s Main Street Organization and Alissa Meyer of Main Street Fairmount have been instrumental in helping us to coordinate our efforts within each town to provide meaningful experiences for our students, as well as to build relationships with members of the community through servant leadership. We have designed a special service project for our twelfth-grade students. They will begin the day by hosting breakfast for their elementary school teachers, to be followed by athletic clean up at the MGJSHS campus, and finally, they will host a post-event celebration for the returning grades seven through eleven students. It is our hope that Madison-Grant Jr./Sr. High School will lead our communities by example and create an environment that embraces service and citizenship. We would like to thank all of our partners, families, and students for making this event possible.